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Our Story

We are a training and development firm who practices our trade, as the old saying goes, ‘the old fashioned way’. Our work is dedicated primarily, though not exclusively, to providing contract training services to the myriad elements of the financial services industry- new hire, merger, systems upgrades. We are a source for professional contract training resources for our clients. We provide world class trainers and facilitators in a variety of specializations to assist our clients with their training and employee development needs.

Known for our responsiveness and ability to access the industry’s highest performing trainers, we pride ourselves on our ability to create high performing teams whose skills at learning and assimilating to a client’s culture and business acumen are quick and seamless. ECI provides AND manages our training specialists where and whenever the client’s needs are, locally or globally. It is our mission to provide the right trainers, in the right place, at the right time.

The ECI trainers are known for their ability to quickly become full-fledged members of the client training team, for the duration of the projects and people they support, as well as the training programs that they deliver.

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